Giacomo BernardiWorking on phylogeography, speciation and molecular ecology of fishes. Particularly interested in fishes lacking a pelagic larval phase, in Sea of Cortez/Pacific disjunct species, and in surfperches (Embiotocidae)
Email: bernardi (at) ucsc.eduGiacomo's website
Jason JohnsPopulation genomics of Micronesian fishes
Email:jasonjohns at
Graduate students
Cerise Chen
(co-advised by Luiz Rocha, California Academy of Science)
Molecular evolution of Ogcocephalidae (batfishes)
Email: jchen263(at)ucsc.eduCerise's Website
Allyson Salazar SawkinsMolecular adaptation of gobies to a changing climate
Allyson's Website
Eric WitteEvolutionary biology of fish venoms
Email: ewitte (at)
Shinji YamamotoGenomics of Japanese and California surfperches
Email: syamamo5 (at)
Natasha HinojosaDiet, biogeography and evolution of TEP and WA reef fishes
Email: nahinojo at ucsc.eduNatasha's Website
Visiting grad students
Arthur OulèsMorphology and genetics of Surfperches
Visiting scientists
Past Post Doctoral Researchers
Ricardo BeldadeProfessor (Assistant) at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Filip Huyghe"Population genomics of Indian Ocean Clownfishes"
Past Members (but we still love them):
Jason Toy, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow at Old Dominion
May Roberts, PhDMay's Website
Remy Gatins,PhDAssistant Professor Northeastern University
Dan Wright, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow at University of Houston
Jacob Winnikoff, PhD
(co-advised by Steve Haddock, MBARI
"Signatures of Deep-Sea Adaptation in Ctenophores"
Eric Garcia, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow at Old Dominion
Gary Longo, PhD"Molecular Genomics of surfperches"
Eva Salas, PhD"Evolutionary history of Dascyllus trimaculatus"
Hudson Pinheiro, PhD"Biogeography and evolution of reef fishes of Brazilian Oceanic Islands" (co-sponsored with Luiz Rocha California Academy of Sciences)
Jimmy O'Donnell, Ph. D.Post.Doc. University of Washington, Seattle
Kimberly Tenggardjaja, Ph.D."Comparative phylogeography of endemic and non-endemic damselfishes throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago"
Alexis Jackson, Ph.D.Fisheries Project Director: The Nature Conservancy
Kord M Kober, Ph.D.Associate Professor, UCSF
Yvette Alva-Campbell, Ph.D.Post. Doc. SFSU
Marina Ramon, Ph.D.Post. Doc. USC.
Martha Burford, Ph. D.Research Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Academic Programs: Department of Applied Ecology, North Carolina State University
Amanda JensenPhylogeny and population genetics of mullet species in the Northern Gulf of CA
Jonna Engel, Ph. D.Coastal Commission, Ventura
Karen Crow-Sanchez, Ph. D.Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Joe Jones, Ph. D.Director, Environmental Genomics Core Facility, U. South Carolina
Gregorio BenavidesSerranid population genetics
Astrid Terry, M.Sc.Project Manager, ENIGMA, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Stian Alesandrini, M.Sc.Marine Ops, Moss Landing Marine Labs
Nicole Inokuchi
David HuangResearch Associate, UCSB, SONGS.
Past Visiting Scientists
Giuseppe BucciarelliGenetic structure of fishes / Entertainer and Moviemaker extraordinaire
Giuseppe's website
Past Visiting students (but we still love them too!):
Mathilde Nourigatpopulation genomics of Lessepsian fishes
Laura GajdzikGenomics and functional morphology of damselfishes
Juliette TarielBrood parasitism in Altrichthys.
Laura Dufranc, EPHE, France"Microsatellite analysis of shrimp from Moorea, French Polynesia"
Ana Liedke, Florianopolis, Brazil"Population genetics of three-banded butterflyfish"
Marloes Poortvliet, Groningen, The NetherlandsPopulation genetics of Mobulid rays
Jose Tavera, CIBNOR, La Paz, MexicoPhylogenetics of Haemulidae
Ana Maria Millan, CIBNOR, La Paz, MexicoPopulation genetics of Humboldt squid
Matthieu Leray, Perpignan, FrancePopulation genetics of Dascyllus trimaculatus
Vera Domingues, ISPA, Portugal, Ph.D.Evolution, speciation and phylogeographical patterns of marine organisms
Jen Rupnow, Arizona State UniversitySea of Cortez groupers, fisheries, management, and genetics
Celine Reisser, COM, Marseilles, FranceEvolutionary consequences of multiple paternity in surfperches
Marloes Poortvliet, Groningen, The NetherlandsPopulation genetics of California Sheephead


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